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The following testimonials have been posted with the permission of the authoring provider.

"I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Moses Hernandez and his staff for approximately 4 years.  My experience has been nothing but positive.  Mr. Hernandez and his staff have been professional at all times.  I recommend CES without reservation."

William P. Curran, M.D. | Orthopaedic Surgery | San Diego, California

"I am a Board certified occupational medicine physician practicing in Glendale California.  I have been contracted with CES since November 2019 to perform second opinion evaluations, Railroad Board examinations, impairment ratings and independent medical evaluations.  I received many referrals from CES and I performed the above exams in my Glendale office, and other locations including Fresno, Fremont, and Sacramento.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with CES.  Their office is extremely friendly, efficient, and professional.  It has been a pleasure doing business with them, and I have experienced a lot of fulfillment performing these exams for employees of various organizations.  Additionally, every transaction related to these consultations have been timely and free of incident.  I look forward to a long-lasting partnership.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me."

Matthew Chan, M.D. | Occupational Medicine | Glendale, California

"I’ve been working with CES and its  parent company MSLA for more than a decade. The service is excellent in providing me with necessary auditing, reviews and infrastructure. I don’t need to worry about overhead, office space, contracts or auxiliary personnel. The office staff is great and they schedule the appointments in the time frame I ask them. Another thing that I like about doing psychiatric evaluations is that I only see the patients once and prescribing is not necessary. All I need to do is provide an opinion on the claimants’ work capacity from the psychiatric standpoint."

Adonis Sfera, M.D. | Psychiatry | Colton, California

"My name is Dr. Doug Larson and as a psychologist for over 35 years I have worked for CES and its owner Moses Hernandez since 2009. Moses is doctor oriented, friendly and takes care of the headaches involved in seeing multiple patients in a day so I can maximize my income while minimizing my stress. Charts are ready, staff are on time, and on the rare occasion I have a concern staff are available to handle the issue quickly and professionally. CES makes sure the documentation needed to keep a clinic running and up to date is done professionally. I have the freedom to set my own schedule while getting good advice on the best days and times to work. I have never  been paid late and always in full per my agreement with CES. CES has grown considerably over the last few years and that transition has been handled well, so I am confident in recommending you check out CES for your professional growth."

Douglas W. Larson, Ph.D. | Psychology | Colton, California

"Staff at CES inc. are always polite, personable and very pleasant to work with. The company is timely in responding to communications and very well organized. The strongest positive is the ethical manner in which they run the business. I am proud to be a part of CES."

Kara L. Cross, Ph.D. |  Clinical Psychologist | Lake Forest, California

"I have been working with Consultative Examination Services, Inc. as a licensed psychologist since 2020 and, as a recent addition to their pool of providers, I can attest to the professionalism, support and guidance I received through the on boarding process. Communication with the staff is timely, accurate, and always available. While I have only been able to commit a limited number of hours and scope of work to CES, Moses and his staff have been extremely flexible, understanding, and willing to work with my schedule. I look forward to continued and expanded work with CES and am excited to be a part of their team."

Jill A. Saulque, Ph.D.   |  Psychology  | Rancho Mirage, California

"CES have been reliable and very professional. It is a pleasure to work with them."

Michael Blumenfield, M.D. |  Psychiatry  |  Woodland Hills, California


“I had a wonderful working experience with CES, Inc. Moses and the entire staff were very professional and kind. I was very impressed with the efficiency and organization of CES, Inc. They made the process of examining different patient populations smooth. Whenever I had questions they responded to my calls or emails rather quickly. Even though I was working from a different area of the United States the CES, Inc staff always made me feel like part of the team and that I wasn’t alone. Someone was always available to help. I highly recommend CES, Inc for their outstanding collaboration with medical providers and their excellent service to patients within our communities”.

Auerlina Kraemer, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN-Rx | Nurse Practitioner | Oahu, Hawaii

"Moses, I have been seeing patients for  2nd opinion  referred to me thru CES. I have been very satisfied with your office staff regarding their response for any information regarding the patients . I would recommend any physician to see these patients referred by CES for their opinion without any hesitation. I congratulate you and your CES staff  for the excellent work they are doing."

Satish K. Lal, M.D.  |  Orthopaedic Surgery  |  Rancho Cucamonga, California

"CES has been very supportive, responsive, and helpful through all phases of collaboration. As a physician who was new to IME exams, they provided me with assistance on how to best structure the technical reports to clearly address all questions posed.  They also put me in touch with other specialists in my field who helped with specialty specific questions.  I really appreciate their straightforward and collaborative approach."

Anonymous  |  Psychiatry  |  Fresno, California

"Mr. Moses Hernandez and the entire CES staff were very professional to work with. They were very prompt in answering any questions.While working for the company, they had made sure that I had the necessary tools and training before starting. As a new provider, what I appreciated the most is the assistance from the auditing staff as I was able to learn and improve on my charting skills. I would recommend CES to anyone who is looking for a change in pace. "

Mary Jane P. Harris, FNP-C  |  Nurse Practitioner  |  Oahu, Hawaii

"I have the privilege of knowing Mr. Moses Hernandez for thirty years. He was my favorite medical personnel at QTC since I met him in 1991. He was kind, affable and respectful.  He was a fast learner and a team player.  He was the person I believe who catapulted MSLA to its great height as he managed it for 18 years. Now formed his own company called CES I have no doubt that this company will do great as well. Moses is personable,  intelligent,  driven and is guided by utmost integrity. "

Gabriel T. Fabella, M.D.  |  Internal Medicine  | San Diego, California