Moses Hernandez, founder of Consultative Examination Services, Inc., has served in the medical and disability evaluation industry for more than 25 years.  Moses worked his way up the corporate ladder with his experience in the performance of disability evaluations for QTC Management, one of the largest disability medical groups in California.  Experienced in back office procedures, he became one of two company trainers, serving QTC's 28 California clinics at that time.  He then became the Assistant Manager at QTC's Diamond Medical Group in Riverside, CA, followed by a role as Clinic Manager at Royalty Medical Group in Chino, CA.  There he applied best practices learned from his prior work within QTC clinics, and was able to double revenue within two years.  This earned him the Inland Empire Region Employee of the Year Award in 1997.

In 1998, Moses embarked on a new journey to start a new company, Medical Support Los Angeles, A Medical Corporation (MSLA).  As a co-founder, Moses built a network of doctors and established a network of clinics, creating training plans for staff and providing training on front and back office procedures.  He also created and executed provider training under the supervision of the Chief Medical Officer.  His contribution also included identifying and engaging potential new clients to bring additional lines of business to MSLA. For 18 years, the company thrived and grew responsibly thanks to the management of the MSLA Executive Team, of which Moses was an essential part. With a tenacious Chief Medical Officer and a responsible and savvy CEO at the helm, Moses served as Operations Manager and was able to successfully lead the company's day-to-day operations and shape a work culture that promoted accountability, reliability, and teamwork.  As a result of Moses' hard work, MSLA grew to find success in 36 facilities across 3 states and enjoyed contracts with Veterans Affairs, Social Security, and other private and public sector clients.  MSLA was also awarded a #1 rating for timeliness, quality and customer service by Veterans Affairs during Moses' tenure.

In February 2016, Moses founded Consultative Examination Services, Inc. CES' team of professionals in multiple specialties proudly serve the insurance, medical disability, immigration examination, retirement and veteran assessment clients.  We continue to add clients in various spaces, tailoring new services while engaging our communities and serving our clients with timely appointments and exceptional-quality reports.  

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